expression is art

Hi there, I present myself so you can get to know me a little bit.
I'm Joana, a 24 years old girl from Barcelona currently living in Bordeaux. I am ballerina of contemporary dance and also a model since 4 years ago. I love experimenting with my body and moreover with the movement of my body in the space around me. That's why I started doind artistic projects as a nude model, as It was the perfect match for me to see the expression of my body captured in one second. I enjoy so much doing modelling of any type and investigating together with the photographer.
I also love nature, music, sport, any kind of art, etc and I love to get inspired by any of those topics when modelling.
I don't have a specific style, but it is true that where I feel more comfortable is in artistic nude shootings, acting and dancing shootings.
By being a model with I hope to get to know a lot of beautiful artists and create beautiful shots to spread inspiration to this world.

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